Puerto Vallarta Videos


A Bus Ride to The Restaurant Moro Paraiso in The Jungle Just Outside of Puerto Vallarta along the Rio Cuale.


The restaurant Moro Paraiso is a short bus ride from Downtown Puerto Vallarta. The route takes you along the Rio Cuale, through the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Benito Juarez, El Remance, Paso Ancho and Paso del Guayabo where the bus stops and you walk along a road approximately 1 kilometer to the restaurant. The location is a butterfly sanctuary.

The Restaurant serves all sorts of grilled delicacies. Also they have their own tequila and tequila tasting. The bus fare is 8 pesos each way.

A Video of My Hike From Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

After catching a bus in Puerto Vallarta at Basillio Badillo and Constition, the orange and white Mismaloya /Boca de Tomatlan bus, I ride down the coast, south along Hwy 200. The trip is about 30-40 minutes.  Approximately 8 1/2 pesos or about .50 US. . The bus stops along the way for riders to exit or board. The bus stops at Mismaloya beach in front of the Barcelo Hotel and the Lajolla de Mismaloya Condos, then proceeds south to Boca de Tomatlan, where you disembark, and walk down the road to the Boca. 

 Cuates y Cuetes Web Cam Pic of a Sunset in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Go to the top of the webpage and click on the Puerto Vallarta Webcam Tab. You will find a link to tell you the time the Sun Sets in Puerto Vallarta. Time it out right and witness a Puerto Vallarta Sunset Just like this one right from The Cuates y Cuetes Web Cam.

This Airbnb is Located in the Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta. A very Mexican Neighborhood. Very safe and friendly.        


This Airbnb was only $36 US per night. Near the Rio Cuale and up in a cute neighborhood. If you want to live in and get the feel of a true Mexican experience including roosters crowing, dogs barking, the tamale salesman and the water salesman, the kids playing soccer in the street an occasional outbreak of Banda Music Blaring from some boombox somewhere, then this place is for you. As for me…Si!  Me Gusta Mucho!  For information or to book your reservation, Follow this link  or This one…


We had a blast staying at this cozy Studio apartment in Puerto Vallarta. The condo/studio is right on the Malecon with the waves crashing just 80 feet from your balcony. The street performers work right there, and it is always a colorful scene outside your apartment.

We loved it there.              

Cinco 22 Hotel B & B in Puerto Vallarta is a B & B, opened in the fall of 2015 in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Located at 522 Calle Hidalgo, its name sake.


Just three blocks from the famous Cathedral Our Lady of Guadalupe, and also three blocks from the famous Malecon/Boardwalk.

Rooms are modern and sparkling clean and air conditioned. The bedding is plush and very comfortable. Internet connection is very good. The staff is wonderful and attentive. Agustin, Hector, Juan, Paula and Mario are absolutely fantastic and just beautiful people.

Prices are very reasonable. Breakfast is included every morning.

The views are magnificent. One of our Favorite places to stay in Puerto Vallarta!

Visit their Facebook page at Cinco22 Hotel B&B or Contact them online at

Email me with any questions. They are FANTASTICO!     


Casa Del Puente in Puerto Vallrta Mexico is a home with three distinct room living areas. Perched on the banks of the Rio Cuale, visitors will be treated to spacious accommodations in the Heart of The City in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.


Different than staying at a stuffy hotel on the beach, this place has a view of the river and the wildlife that lives in it. Beautiful exotic birds, iguanas climbing in the tree branches right in front of you. The rooms have kitchens, sitting areas, and lots of space to relax.

Close to all the best restaurants in P.V.. You won’t need a car or cab the entire trip. 4 short blocks to the beach.

The staff is unobtrusive and efficient.

We will be returning.

 Langostinos has one of the best HD quality cams on the beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 The cam is just next door to the Webcam belonging to Cuates y Cuetes and it scans around 360 degrees all day long pointing  out into the bay past the Los Muertos Pier. You can see the pangas bobbing in the ocean and the tops of the umbrellas on the beach. It scans into the restaurant too. You have to wait for the cam to upload so give it a chance and don’t give up too early. Due to the camera always being in motion, this is a very good cam for a sunset shot. 

This Video Shows the webcam catching a thunder storm.